As a visual artist, there are plenty of platforms where you can express your feelings and your thoughts. The canvass is not the only venue for you to paint those wonderful colors. There are plenty of ways that can give you the luxury of art.

So here are some platforms where you can express your way of art in a unique and creative way:

Colored Pencils

For beginners, exploring the wonders of a colored pencil can be a good start. By using colored pencils, it only feels like you are using a normal pencil. However, this time you are going to combine the colors in order create some shades and some contour.  This is a good and artistic way for beginners as they can still have a great control over the strokes. One of the most wonderful practices and exercise for making an art work through the use of colored pencils is by making a color wheel. It is also a good practice by drawing some shades out of different shapes such as a cube, a cylinder, and a rectangular box. This can surely help beginners to have a good contouring and shading skill in using colored pencils as a medium.

Colored Pencils



Do not also forget the quality of the paper that you are going to use. A smooth paper would be recommendable. Some of the good papers that you can use with a smooth surface is a vellum board or paper which is really cheap. You can also use a Canson paper or sketch pad for practice too.


Watercolor Painting

Using watercolors are quite the basic thing that you should practice with in painting. Watercolors are just cheaper than actual paints. You can have the time to practice the mystery of mixing color and creating some shades in different coatings. There are plenty of watercolors out there that you can use. There are in palette or cake form, and there are also watercolors that are in the tube form. However, there is quite a distinction between these two watercolors. The cake can be easily wasted most especially for those starters, but it is really recommended for artists who are amateurs. While the tubes are recommended for those professional watercolor painters since they can easily use these wherever they go. The watercolors are also easy to preserve since it is inside a tube.


Watercolor Painting


One of the basic things that you can do for practice in using a watercolor medium is by painting some fruits that you can see in your kitchen that looks like it was done by Kitchen remodeling Spokane. By practicing in making some paintings about those simple shapes of fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and other fruits that you can find at home, you can surely become a pro watercolor painter in no time. You can use papers that are acid-free and are thick enough to hold the water for the water color painting. Some good brands that are used for the paper are Canson paper or sketchpad, and Berkeley paper or sketchpad.  It is also important to be mindful of the brush that you are using. There are plenty of thick and thin brushes; and it is important to use the right brush for the right stroke and painting in order to achieve the best painting that you could ever do.


Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is one of the mediums that are used by artists who are in the professional or artist grade level. Acrylic paint has almost the same principle in watercolor painting in terms of mixing some colors. However, an acrylic paint has a different texture. It is the art of an acrylic paint to have a different and solid texture than the watercolor. Different techniques are used in using acrylic paints such as using isopropyl alcohol, acetones, water, and other solvents to lighten up the color or to totally remove it. What is good about acrylic paints is that it does not usually stain your clothes since it is water soluble unlike the oil.

Watercolor Painting

Oil Pastel

Oil pastel is one of the easiest and most often used by elementary artists. This kind of medium is so easy to use and so easy to control unlike watercolors and acrylic or oil medium. Oil pastel is easy to control just like a colored pencil. However, an oil pastel can make your hands quite dirty and messy looking since the pastel is quite soft. The oil pastel is quite easy to use since it feels like you are just using a crayon with a higher standard of quality and texture. It is just stickier than those crayons. There are plenty of ways in using oil pastel too. You can surely use a cotton and an oil in order to spread the colors and control the level of the darkness or light of the painting.

Chalk Art 

If you think that chalk can only be used in school, then you should have some second thoughts now because a chalk can be used in a very wonderful, unique, and creative manner. Chalk art is one of the most famous forms of visual arts in the world. Using chalk in visual arts can be quite amazing especially when it is used in streets. It is actually famous in street arts such as making some three-dimensional drawings in the streets or on walls. It is also not a burden since it can be easily erased.




These are just some of the most wonderful platforms of visual arts. Art is everywhere; you can make art just by looking for an inspiration. As an artist, it is a responsibility to beautify the world through the form of making a visual art. Expressing yourself can no longer be isolated in the form of speaking, you can communicate and express yourself by simply making some paintings or drawings that can imply what are you thinking of in terms of different matters such as current events, social issues, environmental concerns, daily living, work situations, and everything else under the heat of the sun.

Furthermore, as an artist, you can also influence others by showing them how good art can be. Being an artist can be quite hard. It takes a lot of mood swings in order for you to finish a piece. It could even take you days, months or years before finishing a really good piece of art. But art is not just something that you can instantly make in a strike of a lightening or in a blink of an eye. Art is a very important thing that takes a lot of time, contemplation, and a lot of concentration as well.

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