Different Types of Concrete Finishes 

Different Types of Concrete Finishes 

If you want to install a new concrete patio, walkways, or driveways, you can actually choose from different options in terms of design and style. Your new concrete incorporates aesthetics and character to your property. By improving your curb appeal, you are also helping your property’s resale value. For you to know more about your options, here’s a guide about the different types of concrete finishes.  


Salt finish 

This concrete finish is achieved by adding coarse rock salt crystals using rollers con concrete surfaces that are freshly poured and laid. After the concrete is set, it will then be washed with streams of water. The salt finish provides a rough yet decorative subtle texture, which is skid resistant to colored or plain concrete. It is basically utilized for wet areas like swimming pools.  

Integral color finish 

Utilizing this type of concrete finish can incorporate your concrete with a long-lasting and fade resistant color. Integral color finish is utilized to copy the appearance of natural stone products such as slate and terra cotta. It is a great option for your concrete countertops, patio, and floors.  

Polished finish 

A polished finish is one of the most popular interior concrete floor finish. This is the kind of shiny concrete flooring you would see in commercial stores. However, you can also observe this more on residential renovations. A polished finish will provide your concrete floor a polished, durable, and strong finish that’s easy to maintain and clean. 

Acid staining finish 

You can transform and provide a whole new look to your exterior or interior concrete surface by acid staining them. This concrete finish can result in a marble effect and change your concrete into a range of texture, tones, and colors. Sure, can do this on your exterior concrete, however, this is a typical finish for interior concrete floorings.  

Exposed aggregate finish 

This type of concrete finish is when you utilize aggregates and natural stones and “seed” them into the base of the concrete. Though this may seem like a rougher finish, it’s actually decorative.  Also, you can select from an extensive range of types and colors of aggregates, allowing you to customize how your concrete looks on patios, walkways, and driveways.  

Sealed and stamped finish 

stamped concrete is usual concrete that’s textured or patterned to try mimicking various stone products. In fact, you can make your stamped concrete copy different patterns and textures such as slate, tile, Modesto pavers, and brick. This concrete finish provides lots of options for design and style and it’s also an attractive and unique option, you can also have your stamped concrete customized with a range of sealing products, stains, and colors.  

Broom finish 

This type of concrete finish is what you will usually see on basic concrete sidewalks and walkways. The broom finish is the least labor-intensive to do, hence, it does not cost that much. Regardless, it can surely provide a clean and fresh look to your exterior. 

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